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Nancy Black

Editor, Publisher, Communications Director

Mercury Press International / Gaviota Coast Conservancy / CLAWS (Committees for Land, Air, Water and Species, Transportation Futures)

Santa Barbara


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What key words best describe your hope for the future?

A thriving world for all (sustainable climate, communications, social justice, Central Coast, California, Madrid, Spain)

Describe what are you working on in the field of climate change, environmental protection, environmental justice or social impact.

I write a daily, internationally syndicated column with the Chicago Tribune. With two decades as a journalist with the media agency I co-founded, Mercury Press International, I wrote "Difference Makers: Portraits of Leaders in the Arts, Sustainability and Social Justice" in 2014 with El Mundo correspondent, Carlos Fresneda, and my husband, photographer Isaac Hernandez. As board president for Pesticide Awareness and Alternatives Coalition, we successfully lobbied SB City and County to switch to Integrated Pest Management with parks, schools and municipal properties, reducing SB urban pesticide runoff by 85%. We produced the California Organics Festival. I serve as Communications Director for Gaviota Coast Conservancy (GCC), dedicated to protect the rural character and environmental integrity of the Gaviota Coast. Mercury Press provides media, social communications, editing and publishing services, including newsletters, books, blogs and social channels, for clients including GCC, Tri-Counties Regional Center, SCAPE, Naples Coalition and Quail Springs Permaculture. I serve on the boards of GCC, Committees for Land, Air, Water and Species (CLAWS), and The Israel Palestine Project, and participate with SB Stand Up for Social Justice (SURJ).

How might other W&E conference attendees be able to support your work, goals or objectives?

Let's collaborate and network to share resources and partner to reach shared objectives. Social media partnership and sharing is a great way to support each other!

Mercury Press currently has three projects seeking funding and collaboration: a documentary and book project on Women in Power, featuring interviews with inspiring female leaders, scientists, artists and educators; a book and documentary on the Santa Barbara beginnings of Earth Day, featuring interviews with the founders of Environmental Science (the academic discipline), of environmental law and the modern environmental movement, to provide an inspiring road map for positive change and climate activism; and a screenplay and film on my Cherokee ancestors and the Trail of Tears, as a conversation for reconciliation.

What are you able and willing to contribute to other attendees at the conference to support their work, goals or objectives?

As a journalist and editor, I'm a storyteller. I love supporting organizations with infrastructure and communication tools for growth like email blasting, email letter-writing campaigns to elected officials, surveys, petitions and event production and promotion. I enjoy supporting organizations to grow their fundraising capacities. I provide media and public relations, and publishing projects (print, video or online). I know how to make a book hit bestseller status on Amazon, and how to cover breaking news and crisis communications. I'm a certified Nationbuilder expert, and provide database website CRM management and communications strategies to get the word out and grow audiences. I offer the possibility of collaboration for shared goals, and love to support groups and teams that are up to big games.

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