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Celia Alario

Communications Strategist-At-Large & Educator

UC Santa Barbara



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What key words best describe your hope for the future?

resilience, intersectional, renewable energy, justice, networked, healthy, transformational, deep democracy, conscious community

Describe what are you working on in the field of climate change, environmental protection, environmental justice or social impact.

Currently I'm prototyping new collaborative, multi-stakeholder community engagement strategies for launching climate solutions and renewable energy projects in our region. I'm out to prove that radical inclusion is not only the most just thing to do, it is also better for business. Following on with experiments launched out of the Stanford Social Innovation Center, I'm looking for collaborators who want to innovate sustainability solutions using these social design principles: 1-share power; 2-prioritize relationships and build relationships that are transformational not just transactional; 3-honor, legitimize and integrate all ways of knowing and learning; 4-celebrate, deeply integrate and leverage diversity!

In addition to this work I teach Environmental Communications and Grassroots Organizing courses at UC Santa Barbara. I'm a communications strategist cavorting with organizations working on climate justice, environmental, sustainability and renewable energy efforts.

How might other W&E conference attendees be able to support your work, goals or objectives?

Imagine if every time we innovated our solutions we did so in a way that: 1-was radically successful; 2-fostered authentic and powerful individual leadership skills for all those involved; and 3-built deeper networks and stronger community cohesion and resilience among a diverse set of players engaged around our work. Wouldn't that be amazing? Join me in the quest for this trifecta. I think it is possible, and more than ever it feels necessary. Let's talk about participatory framing, participatory budgeting, participatory research, and new levels of collaboration beyond anything we've seen modeled thus far.

What are you able and willing to contribute to other attendees at the conference to support their work, goals or objectives?

Communications strategy, public speaking training, coaching for your communications staffers, connecting you with a deep national and international network of colleagues and change agents, tenacious enthusiasm, a commitment to inspire you while on a walk-and-talk with my four legged friend, a deep listening for what you need to be supported.

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