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KuKum Bhavnani

Professor of Sociology

UC Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara


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What key words best describe your hope for the future?

Protecting the planet as a film-,maker

Describe what are you working on in the field of climate change, environmental protection, environmental justice or social impact.

I am making a documentary about the people in Galapagos and what they are doing to protect the environment/save the planet. I am hoping that all of us who live outside the Galapagos might learn from what is being done in this place, which is a microcosm for the planet.

How might other W&E conference attendees be able to support your work, goals or objectives?

I would love to talk with people about what they do to protect our planet. I would also love to screen my film for them when it is done and if they have an interest.

What are you able and willing to contribute to other attendees at the conference to support their work, goals or objectives?

I would be more than happy to speak with people about my history with environmental conservation which I have done mainly as an academic and film-maker.

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