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Nina Simons

Co-Founder and President, Bioneers; Founder, Everywoman's Leadership Program


Santa Fe


What key words best describe your hope for the future?

Women-lead movements, linking across differences, to lead the massively diverse and inclusive movements to shift our collective and systemic course!

Describe what are you working on in the field of climate change, environmental protection, environmental justice or social impact.

Programming at Bioneers, and convening smaller groups of diverse women leaders from the frontlines, working on climate change and enviro/social justice to help form collaborations and strengthen everyone’s leadership and efforts.

How might other W&E conference attendees be able to support your work, goals or objectives?

By accessing and sharing Bioneers’ media and reading my anthology books: "Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart," and "Social & Environmental Healing: Multicultural Women’s Leadership."

What are you able and willing to contribute to other attendees at the conference to support their work, goals or objectives?

I am a skillful networker, accomplished fundraiser and nonprofit leader, and love making connections that prove useful to others’ purposeful lives.

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