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Barbara Savage


Tribal Trust Foundation

Santa Barbara


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What key words best describe your hope for the future?

peace, social and environmental justice, consciousness, love

Describe what are you working on in the field of climate change, environmental protection, environmental justice or social impact.

I'm producing a documentary that features indigenous children, the ones who are most impacted by environmental injustice and reveals why a hunter-gatherer way of life clashes with self-serving, world banks, governments, conglomerates, social and religious institutions. The ethnographic portraits of each child we spotlight inspires us to consider another way of being in the world. We consider what will be lost, our interconnectedness and our responsibility to give consciously to support indigenous causes on behalf of everyone. This transformational documentary and TV series will raise money and awareness for critical indigenous causes, while fulfilling an ancient Native American prophecy.

How might other W&E conference attendees be able to support your work, goals or objectives?

I am identifying experts in the field of climate change, environmental protection, and environmental justice to interview for the film. The attendees are a self selected group who are passionate about this common cause and may be receptive to working with me on this film project.

What are you able and willing to contribute to other attendees at the conference to support their work, goals or objectives?

I can be a messenger between worlds. I carry the voices of indigenous people living in remote areas of the world who struggle to survive due to environmental and social injustice including the Mbuti of the DRC, the San of Southern Africa, and the Shipibo of the Amazon in Peru.

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